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.o TLD

This is a summary of the charter. See for details.

The .o TLD, operated by the ModernTLD administration, is to be used by commercial and non-commercial entities (individual or groups) to promote themselves on the OpenNIC free network. This domain is intended to be used in a general sense, akin to .com in the ICANN network, and as such has a very general use case and little restrictions on registration. Registration is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

.o generally accepts any OpenNIC policies regarding abuse. The activities we prohibit include, but are not limited to: domain squatting, spam email delivery, malware distribution, or malicious interference with computer systems. See our full charter linked above and for details.

  • Website: / tld.o
  • ModernTLD Administration: (hostmaster@opennic.o forwards here)
  • Abuse Reporting: abuse@tld.o (abuse@opennic.o forwards here)
  • Webmaster: (webmaster@tld.o, webmaster@opennic.o forwards here)
  • Trademark Disputes: trademarks@tld.o
  • Other Contact:
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