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-====== .free TLD ====== +~~REDIRECT>opennic:dotarch:free~~
-===== Charter ===== +
-===== Mission ===== +This page has moved to [[opennic:dotarch:free|]].
-The FreeNIC provides NAMESPACE, CERT AUTH and other services to its membership and to the general public to encourage the NON-COMMERCIAL USE of the Free Internet and the existing and future INTERNET infrastructure. For-profit organizations are permitted to use the Free Internet but must uphold the policy of NON-COMMERCIAL USE as detailed in the AUP. Commercial use for all other purposes is not acceptable and violates this policy.+
-===== Acceptable Uses ===== +For its replacementsee [[opennic:dot:libre|]].
-  * Communication between Free sites via verifiable secure and insecure (E)SMTP transactions. +
-  * File transfers between Free sites and other Free or non-Free sites, via verifiable secure and insecure protocols, excluding unsolicited advertisements. +
-  * Exchanging mail/news between the Free Internet and other non-commercial networks, using any suitable protocol. +
-  * Non-commercial advertisements in appropriate venues. +
-  * Promotion of commercial products and services, fundraising or public relations activities, contained solely within an individual or organization's own Free Internet site. +
- +
-===== Unacceptable Use ===== +
-  * UNSOLICITED COMMUNICATION outside of its site origin in which goods and/or services are offered for or not-for-profit violates the Free Internet MISSION of NON-COMMERCIAL USE. Incidents may be reportedlogged and open to review of a site's membership status. +
-  * Gatewaying mail/news from the commercial internet (including Usenet) into the Free Internet. +
-  * Activities which violate the MISSION or ACCEPTABLE USES. +
- +
-===== Contact Info ===== +
-  * postmaster@opennic.free +
-  * hostmaster@opennic.free+
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