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OpenNIC . TLDs

When creating a new TLD page, please use the following template whenever possible. This is not a strict policy, so if you think that you have a good layout, please use that and let us know and we will take a look.

====== .glue TLD ======
<short intro goes here>

===== Charter =====
<charter intro goes here>

==== About ====
<if applicable, long description goes here>

==== Policies ====
  * You can use this TLD
  * You should use this TLD
  * You need to use this TLD
  * Use of this TLD is forbidden
  * The next statement is false
  * The previous statement is true

==== Contacts ====
  * Website:
  * IRC: [[|#opennic]] on [[|freenode]]
  * Email:
  * ...
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