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OpenNIC Operated Top-Level Domains

These are the Top-Level Domains (TLDs) which are currently being served by OpenNIC, are being constructed with the approval of OpenNIC or which have been proposed to OpenNIC. There are links to the appropriate Web and email contacts for those which are currently accepting domain name registrations.

If you would like to contribute to the project by taking responsibility for organizing a new TLD, please see the Registering A TLD page. This page is up to date and all links have been tested as of 2017-04-30, all blank entries are placeholders for information we could not definitely determine, or websites which were offline or not functional at the time.

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Name Intended Usage Date Introduced Contacts Website Charter
.bbs Bulletin Board System servers, and related BBS websites and services. 2000-12-29 Dustin Souers (texnofobix)
.bbs TLD
.chan A Top Level Domain “for imageboards and communities related to imageboard culture.” 2015-10-21 opennic.chan .chan TLD
.dyn Dynamic DNS pointers. 2014-05-30 Jeff Taylor
be.libre .dyn TLD
.free Organizations that encourage the Non-Commercial use of the Free Internet.
This domain has been depreciated in favor of .libre and will soon be removed from the root zone.
Jeff Taylor
be.libre free
.geek Anything of a personal or hobbyist nature that would be considered “geeky” 2008-02-18 Jeff Taylor
be.libre .geek TLD
.gopher Content delivery via the gopher protocol. Brian Koontz
be.libre .gopher TLD
.indy Independent media and arts. Jeff Taylor
be.libre .indy TLD
.libre Organizations that encourage the Non-Commercial use of the Free Internet. 2017-01-03 Jeff Taylor
be.libre .bbs TLD
.neo General purpose, leaning towards themes present in the 'emo subculture' Neo
register.neo .neo TLD
.null Completely non-commercial and only natural persons. Jeff Taylor
be.libre .null TLD
.o General purpose. 2016-11-28 Jonah Aragon .o TLD
.oss Exclusively for Open Source Software. Jeff Taylor
be.libre .oss TLD
.oz Australian websites (alt-ccTLD) 2012-06-11 opennic.oz .oz TLD
.parody This domain is a venue for non-commercial parody work. Jeff Taylor
be.libre .parody TLD
.pirate Internet Freedom and sharing. Travis McCrea
.pirate TLD

These TLDs are accessible from the OpenNIC network but not managed by OpenNIC, instead you should contact their respective organization.

Authority Name Intended Usage Website
Emercoin .bazar Free marketplace
.coin Digital currency and commerce websites
.emc Websites associated with the Emercoin project
.lib From Words Library and Liberty - that is, knowledge and freedom
FurNIC .fur Furries, Furry Fandom and other Anthropormorphic interest websites1) www.nic.fur
Namecoin .bit Namecoin systems, websites and services
New Nations .ku Kurdish people
.te Tamil Eelam
.ti Tibet
.uu Uyghur people

These zones are also served on the OpenNIC network for technical and organizational purposes.

Name Usage Notes
.opennic.glue Provides hostnames for Tier 1 DNS servers and organizational websites and services. Arbitrary domains cannot be registered. Domains are granted to each Tier 1 server operator or upon approval of the OpenNIC community.
.dns.opennic.glue Provides hostnames for Tier 2 DNS servers on the OpenNIC network. Arbitrary domains cannot be registered. Domains are automatically created upon the approval of a Tier 2 server.

When creating a new TLD page, please use the following template whenever possible. This is not a strict policy, so if you think that you have a good layout, please use that and let us know and we will take a look.

====== .glue TLD ======
<short intro goes here>

===== Charter =====
<charter intro goes here>

==== Policies ====
  * You can use this TLD
  * You should use this TLD
  * You need to use this TLD
  * Use of this TLD is forbidden
  * The next statement is false
  * The previous statement is true

==== Contacts ====
  * Website:
  * IRC: [[|#opennic]] on [[|freenode]]
  * Email:
  * ...

Originally an OpenNIC TLD
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