:!: .free is no longer in use. Please refer to its replacement .libre.

.free TLD


The FreeNIC provides NAMESPACE, CERT AUTH and other services to its membership and to the general public to encourage the NON-COMMERCIAL USE of the Free Internet and the existing and future INTERNET infrastructure. For-profit organizations are permitted to use the Free Internet but must uphold the policy of NON-COMMERCIAL USE as detailed in the AUP. Commercial use for all other purposes is not acceptable and violates this policy.

  • Communication between Free sites via verifiable secure and insecure (E)SMTP transactions.
  • File transfers between Free sites and other Free or non-Free sites, via verifiable secure and insecure protocols, excluding unsolicited advertisements.
  • Exchanging mail/news between the Free Internet and other non-commercial networks, using any suitable protocol.
  • Non-commercial advertisements in appropriate venues.
  • Promotion of commercial products and services, fundraising or public relations activities, contained solely within an individual or organization's own Free Internet site.
  • UNSOLICITED COMMUNICATION outside of its site origin in which goods and/or services are offered for or not-for-profit violates the Free Internet MISSION of NON-COMMERCIAL USE. Incidents may be reported, logged and open to review of a site's membership status.
  • Gatewaying mail/news from the commercial internet (including Usenet) into the Free Internet.
  • Activities which violate the MISSION or ACCEPTABLE USES.
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