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-====== Current OpenNIC Wiki Sutation ====== 
-Or, "What happened to the WikkaWiki?", or "What happened to"... or "Is the wiki down?" 
-<columns 100% 50% 50%> 
-===== What We Know ===== 
-  * The server on which the WikkaWiki software was hosted on is offline since 2017-04-04 due to a yet unknown reason 
-  * ''2017-04-03T02:26:06Z <Angelica> Shdwdrgn: Thanks, I'll follow the instructions on wiki/API_BindACL'' is the last message from someone who successfully accessed the wiki.  
-  * ''2017-04-04T13:39:35Z <Spruce> Is the server hosting the wiki down?'' is the first report of the Wiki being down 
-===== What Is Still Unclear ===== 
-  * What happened to the server? 
-  * When will it come back online? 
-  * What's the status of the WikkaWiki database? 
-  * Will we ever see our again? 
-  * What will happen to the replacement Wiki in case the WikkaWiki wiki will ever come back online?\\Possibilities for this are: 
-    * The WikkaWiki instance will be completely replaced by DokuWiki (Requirements to be met are: LDAP authentication) 
-    * Changes to the wiki pages are backported to the WikkaWiki instance (Requirements to be met are: live mirroring to GitHub and LDAP authentication) 
-For the reasons given, I ([[user:fusl]]) have created a DokuWiki instance with a live mirror to [[|Github / OpenNIC / WikiPages]]. 
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