.micro TLD

.micro is a TLD designated for use by micronations and their entities only.

.micro is a non-commercial TLD in the sense that sites with paying members are not allowed, but banner ads are allowed.

.micro follows a first come, first serve basis. You cannot challenge a domain, unless it violates OpenNIC policies.

Enforcement of all of the above is decided by member vote.

.micro prohibits spamming and cracking in accordance with OpenNIC policies on the matter.

The following policies require member voting (one vote for every member with a .micro domain):

  • revoking a domain with a violation of .micro charter, .micro, or OpenNIC policies.
  • accepting a domain with intension of violating the .micro charter.
  • changing the .micro charter or policies.
  • other matters requiring voting on the administration and/or operation of the .micro TLD and similar resources.


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