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 +====== .micro TLD ======
 +.micro is a TLD designated for use by micronations and their entities only.
 +===== Charter =====
 +.micro is a non-commercial TLD in the sense that sites with paying members are not allowed, but banner ads are allowed.
 +.micro follows a first come, first serve basis. You cannot challenge a domain, unless it violates OpenNIC policies.
 +Enforcement of all of the above is decided by member vote.
 +==== Policies ====
 +.micro prohibits spamming and cracking in accordance with OpenNIC policies on the matter.
 +The following policies require member voting (one vote for every member with a .micro domain):
 +  * revoking a domain with a violation of .micro charter, .micro, or OpenNIC policies.
 +  * accepting a domain with intension of violating the .micro charter.
 +  * changing the .micro charter or policies.
 +  * other matters requiring voting on the administration and/or operation of the .micro TLD and similar resources.
 +==== Contacts ====
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