.nic TLD

The .nic TLD is to be used by those who operate computer networks and/or other network infrastructure. Examples include Hosting ISPs that provide email, web hosting, or other storage services.

In keeping with the philosophy that the Internet should be a free and open space, and that creating the infrastructure of the Internet itself should not be a money-making venture, the OpenNIC Project was started to provide a free alternative means for registering domain names. Likewise, registration of domains on the .nic TLD will employ a PWYW (Pay What You Want) pricing strategy with no minimum price set giving the registrants the freedom to obtain a domain for free or pay a price that they think the domain is worth. Proceeds will be used to maintain the infrastructure required for the .nic tld and nothing else.

The .nic TLD adheres to the OpenNIC policy that the registry be run by its members. It is not required that registrants be members of OpenNIC, but, by registering a domain, registrants agree to be bound by OpenNIC policies and decisions.

Sending unsolicited email (spamming), promoting cracking/warez, or purposefully disrupting the network from a .nic domain is grounds for domain removal. Names in the .nic TLD are provided on a first-come, first-serve, basis with certain names reserved for TLD operation.

An existing domain may be disputed by the holder of a trademark registered before the domain in question was registered. Disputes must first be brought to both the .nic Hostmaster and the registrant of the disputed domain. The registrant will be contacted by the Hostmaster, and if the registrant does not reply within 30 days, the domain will be released. If circumstances of the dispute are unclear, the matter will be referred to a vote by the .nic membership pool. Since legal issues are involved, the .nic TLD will abide by the decisions of a court of competent jurisdiction. Obtaining proof of a trademark claim or seeking such a court decision will be the sole responsibility of the entity bringing the dispute.

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