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-===== Installing using Webmin ===== 
-Webmin provides more than just some webforms, it is part of a fully rounded virtualization and cloud platform. Virtualmin and Cloudmin are used to create complex networks, and they install on top of a brand new BIND instance. Webmin is the glue holding the networks together by installing its own perl-based web services and the standard GNU/Linux technology stack. Webmin is libre as most frameworks are, while Virtualmin and Cloudmin are the support-subscriptions keeping in business. 
-==== Requirements ==== 
-  * Internet Standards (RFCs) require 2 but recommend 3 BIND instances, on 2 independent networks (I use and recommend Linode and OVH). 
-  * Both IP4 and IP6 must be configured, Reverse DNS hostnames recommended. Port 53 for both TCP and UDP must be open (also 22, 10000 for ssh and Webmin). 
-Start from a recent Debian release, ssh into the VPS and make sure locale are set: 
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