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Welcome to the OpenNIC Wiki

OpenNIC (also referred to as the OpenNIC Project) is a user owned and controlled top-level Network Information Center offering a non-national alternative to traditional Top-Level Domain (TLD) registries; such as ICANN.

Use of OpenNIC DNS servers, enables host name resolution in the Legacy U.S. Government DNS, OpenNIC operated namespaces, and namespaces the OpenNIC has peering agreements with.

This wiki is a limited access work area for OpenNIC documentation and other related content. In accordance with OpenNICs philosophy, all notes and documents are world-readable. Write access is restricted to participants relevant for this specific project; to provide quality content and have cross-verification by other members.

To become a registered user, follow the sign-up page here.

The main thing anyone can do to help is to become a member. Sign up here and join our mailing list! The other great thing you can do to help is to spread the word, even if you don't use our TLDs, our DNS network is still the quickest around!

Contributions to the OpenNIC Wiki are more than welcome. There is a lot to do: missing information needs to be added, articles need to be cleaned and rewritten, and other things. If you're willing to donate some of your free time as contributions to the OpenNIC Wiki, you can do this with just four simple steps:

  1. Log in (with the username and password you chose during sign up) at
  2. Start writing articles or update existing articles. At the time of writing, there aren't any guidelines in place, so feel free to design the pages in a way you think makes sense.
  3. Happy editing and a big thank you from the OpenNIC team!

There are plenty of OpenNIC folks available to help with whatever problem you may be having with an OpenNIC server, setup to resolve OpenNIC TLDs, volunteering to set up a Tier 2 server, etc. Please use one of the contact methods listed here

Our Top-Level Domains are managed by independent members of the community. Check out this list of namespaces to find information and registration instructions for each TLD and contact information.

  • 2a05:dfc7:5::53
  • 2a05:dfc7:5::5353

A list of all OpenNIC Tier 2 DNS Resolvers can be found here - we highly recommend you to pick the nearest servers from the server list instead of anycast servers. Why?

Interested in (automatically) modifying your DNS settings to access OpenNIC servers? Try one of the wizards!

We are always looking for more wizards on other platforms - if interested in developing one, please contact us.

Want to see what OpenNIC is all about? Access via an OpenNIC proxy (use the search engines below to start your journey).

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