Tier 2 GeoIP API

The GeoIP API returns a list of the nearest OpenNIC Tier 2 servers.

The APIs base URL is at https://api.opennicproject.org/geoip/

This wiki page is a clone of the ?help page with some fancy tables and extra glitter.

URL Parameters are appended to the base URL separated by a question mark (?), all parameters are separated by ampersand (&), parameter key/value pairs are separated by an equal sign (=).

Example: https://api.opennicproject.org/geoip/?list&adm=3

These parameters define how the API formats the resulting information. They are mutually exclusive, don't accept any value and don't require an equal sign (=) as a key/value pair separator.

Parameter Function Example
list (default) List servers including name and reliability # ns10.fr # 98.65% # ns1.de # 99.41%
bare Only list the server IP addresses
ns Create a list of nameservers
nameserver     # (98.65%) ns10.fr (wil)
nameserver    # (99.41%) ns1.de (dfroe)
resolv Provide a useable resolv.conf file
# This file was generated by OpenNIC 2017-Jul-04 22:32 UTC
# and shows the most reliable servers near you.
# You may retrieve updates automatically by using:
#   wget --inet4-only "https://api.opennicproject.org/geoip?resolv"

domain opennic.glue
search opennic.glue
nameserver     # (98.65%) ns10.fr (wil)
nameserver    # (99.41%) ns1.de (dfroe)
json Generate JSON data
jsonp Generate a JSON array

These parameters define what data is returned.

Parameter Example Value 1 Example Value 2 Description
adm 2 5 The first x servers will have unique admins (Defaults to 66% of the list)
ip Provide servers nearest the given IP address
res 2 5 Change the number of results
pct 95 50 (default=95) Change the threshold percentage for acceptable server reliability, given as a whole integer
lat 50 -33.45 Set the reference latitude for your location
lon -50 33.45 Set the reference longitude for your location
ipv 4 6 Specify which class of IP addresses to return.
4 - Only list IPv4 servers
6 - Only list IPv6 servers
all - Include both IPv4 and IPv6 servers
rnd true false Randomize the returned server order
wl all none Include whitelist servers in the results.
If you specify wl=all, ONLY whitelist servers will be shown.
bl Include blocklist servers in the results
anon true false Return servers with anonymized logs only
?json Output JSON data
?resolv&res=5 Generate a resolv.conf file with 5 nameservers
?res=8&bare&pct=90 Return a list of 8 IP addresses where the servers have a reliability of 90% or greater
?res=4&adm=4&wl Return a list of 4 servers from 4 different admins, including whitelist servers

The GeoIP API is known to report servers in an inaccurate or wrong location. The GeoIP API uses MaxMinds GeoIP database to look up the physical location of IP addresses, which is not always accurate. Due to this reason, it is always better to manually pick some near servers from https://servers.opennicproject.org/.

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